Living With LEMS

Aids and Adaptations

LEMS causes muscle weakness, which can affect mobility. Patients may need aids and adaptive devices to help with mobility and performing daily activities. To learn more about the kinds of aids and mobility devices your doctor may recommend, click the link below.

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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are commonly experienced by patients with LEMS. Anxiety can make a person feel tense, restless, and apprehensive, while depression affects mood and key daily life activities such as thinking, sleeping, and eating. To learn more, click the link below.

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LEMS and Sexuality

Sexual dysfunction is a LEMS symptom that is not frequently mentioned but can affect both sexes. Men with LEMS mainly experience erectile dysfunction or impotence, and women a decrease or loss of sex drive. To learn more, click the link below.

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There are several factors that may affect the prognosis of LEMS, including symptom severity and the presence of cancer. The life expectancy of LEMS patients without underlying cancer is typically normal. The progression of LEMS is usually slow, and symptoms worsen months after onset. To learn more, click the link below.

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Your LEMS Community

Visit the Lambert-Eaton News forums to connect with others in the LEMS community. These forums are designed for LEMS patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to discuss issues, ask questions, and share experiences.

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