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Newly Diagnosed: You Are Not Alone on Your Journey

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, it’s important to remember that you are not alone on this journey with LEMS and that others have been in your shoes. Here’s a collection of some of our columnists’ words that they would like to share to help guide, inspire, and encourage you.

The Fog of Uncertainty Lifted When My Daughter Was Finally Diagnosed

Over the nine months it took to receive a LEMS diagnosis for her daughter Grace, columnist Lori Dunham felt like she was wading through a fog. Now, with more information and a correct diagnosis, they can make educated decisions about Grace’s future.

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Living Purposefully in Our New Normal

Lori describes how her approach to parenting changed as her daughter was diagnosed with LEMS and she became a caregiver. What she wants Grace to know, above all else, is that she can still accomplish all she sets out to do.

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Going Beyond My Diagnosis to Learn What Makes Me Rare

Columnist Dawn DeBois knows that having a rare disease can feel lonely and challenging at times. But she uses her platform to represent all LEMS patients and give them a voice.

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My Autoimmune Battle Has Brought Me Blessings in Disguise

Despite her battle with LEMS, Dawn counts her blessings, including the time to pursue creative endeavors like writing. She encourages others to find a creative outlet that gives them purpose.

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