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      Price Wooldridge

      Here’s a simple strategy to manage the stress of Lambert-Eaton and this past year of pandemic isolation. Get outside. Don’t stay inside all the time. Walk, drive, take a stroll, go sit in the backyard or walk your neighborhood. If you run into someone else, smile and offer a greeting. Who knows, a conversation may break out! You may actually get to know your neighbors, or share a few words with a passerby. It’s amazing these little encounters in life affect one’s mood and spirit to the good.
      I live in Texas and the weather can be goofy. Yours may be too. But there are great days as well. There is not much better than sunshine, a gentle breeze, and on those hot days, a good spot of shade.
      Think about it. Where can you find spots to enjoy nature and time outside? For me it’s the balcony, the pool area, the sidewalks, the neighborhood and my sister’s porch.
      Now go outside, enjoy some sun, the breeze, and find a little shade!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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