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  • An Early Mental Health Checkup, How you doin’?

    Posted by price-wooldridge on February 11, 2021 at 7:00 am

    How you doin’? We’re now 37 days into the new year (as I write this). Take a moment, reflect on how your 2021 has started, and perhaps how those New Year’s Resolutions are playing out for you so far. Are you still doing those exercises? Are you doing better with your meds, not forgetting them? Are you staying happy and positive? Are you moving steadily towards that new goal?
    For me, it’s been a bumpy start. One goal for me was to stay out of the hospital in 2021, something I’ve been unable to achieve the last couple of years. My meds are squared away. My LEMS treatment plan is on track. I’m feeling pretty good. It looks like 2021 could be a good health year. That lasted all of 22 days. Ugh. On January 22nd I went in the hospital for pacemaker implant surgery. So much for that 2021 goal. Now, 15 days after the surgery, I’m on the mend, and the new goal is “no more hospital visits in 2021”! Ha!
    Sometimes you gotta roll with it and change what you can and can’t achieve. Adapt and survive! Set achievable goals. Stay positive. Roll with it! I hope your 2021 is going well.

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