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  • Cancer Screening After Your LEMS Diagnosis

    Posted by Price Wooldridge on September 15, 2022 at 7:00 am

    Recently I’ve read several comments from LEMS patients, unsure about getting screened for cancer after their recent LEMS diagnosis. Because the literature says about 50% of LEMS is associated with underlying cancer, screening is a proper protocol.

    When diagnosed, screening for cancer, what tests are done, and how long you should be screened are all part of your discussion with your neurologist.

    In my personal experience after diagnosis, we immediately scheduled a PET scan and a CT. Periodic CT scans have been the norm going forward. Mine were pretty frequent early on, but now I’m just doing one a year. My yearly one is coming in September. Regardless of my schedule, all newly diagnosed LEMS patients should address this screening. It always treats any cancer found first, then the LEMS.

    To read more on this interesting topic, here’s a case study from Lindsey Shapiro, Ph.D., recently published, “Small Cell Lung Cancer ID’d as LEMS Cause Nearly 2 Years After Diagnosis”. Read it HERE.

    What has your cancer screening protocol been?

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