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      Hey all! Happy Wednesday!

      @lorildunham‘s most recent column “The Fall That Brought Us Down to Earth” talks about how a recent fall on vacation marred her daughter Grace’s progress.

      I know many of us have suffered falls. Like Grace, I also tend to drag my feet when I walk, and I catch myself multiple times a day.

      Before my LEMS diagnosis, I used to say I always tripped on my own feet, but now I know that was due to LEMS, a symptom I never even noticed until it was pointed out to me.

      I know many of us have suffered from a fall-related to LEMS.

      How did you bounce back after a fall?

      What made you get up and go again?

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      Price Wooldridge

        Ah, this is a good one! Raise your hand if you haven’t fallen or almost fallen from the unsteady LEMS walk. Just yesterday I got out of my car and stumbled towards the Physical Therapy office, staggering like I’d had too much alcohol, left and right. Fortunately, I didn’t fall. In fact I’m in PT right now from a fall suffered out on a walk some time ago.

        Of course a fall can’t stop any of us from bouncing back. Having a fall or near fall registers in my brain to be more careful, to use hand rails when available, and take stairs carefully. In the winter, with ice or snow on the ground, I’ve been extra, extra careful.

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        Thank you! Yes, I’ve personally tripped about 7 times today alone! Luckily, I catch myself and almost expect to trip so it’s pretty rare that I actually fall.

        I’m glad that you don’t let your falls hinder or stop your progress! We just have to keep moving!

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