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    Posted by Price Wooldridge on June 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    As posted recently, I’m having more and more shoulder weakness on my left side which I feel is LEMS related. A friend recently checked my shoulder and felt it was overly boney, probably from muscle wasting. This past week I changed my tele-health visit with my Primary to an in-clinic visit so she could evaluate. Anytime we LEMS patients have weakness that we feel needs to be evaluated, an in-clinic appointment should be requested. Phone appointments are fine for routine follow up, and I’ve learned to appreciate them during Covid. I just needed to be seen.
    My Primary did her evaluation and does feel my left shoulder is off. She has requested an X-Ray for diagnosis. We discussed an MRI, but because I have a pacemaker, that diagnostic imaging is pending the X-Ray.
    If you’ve experienced shoulder weakness, I’d like to hear how it has progressed for you!

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