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    Posted by Ashley on January 31, 2024 at 9:11 am

    Hey, ya’ll!

    You may notice that my last name has changed, it is now Zona. I got married on New Year’s although we still have our wedding celebration in March with our friends and family! Thanks for your support along the way!

    Last week @loridunham ‘s column was about “medication management” ( Link: After a LEMS diagnosis, good medication management is key ( and it brought up many points that I thought were useful!

    One of those points was the importance of having a backup plan!

    Grace’s backup plan includes carrying an “emergency” stash of medication with her at all times. This is something I also do! I prefer to keep an extra dose (of all my medications) in my purse and the glovebox of both my car and my husband’s! I also usually take a couple extra days of my medications when I travel!

    Do you have a “backup stash” that you stow away somewhere?

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