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  • My Covid Vaccination with LEMS

    Posted by Price Wooldridge on January 25, 2021 at 7:00 am

    Lambert-Eaton is only one of many risk factors for me getting Covid-19. The idea of not taking the vaccine never really got consideration. I need it. I wanted it as quickly as possible. There are many stories running out there about poor organization and results, getting people vaccinated. Where I live, Tarrant County in Texas, we seem to be a shining example of how to get it done. About a week and a half ago I registered online with the Tarrant County Health Department. A quick Google search got me the link. Thursday I got alerted for an appointment to get the shot Friday. The process at the Arlington Convention Center was quick and efficient. Total time from car line, to inside, and back out to the car was an hour and twenty minutes. Not very much of that was standing. I was somewhat emotional, seeing the EMT’s, firemen, and police, all working with such precision. They had it down! I got my vaccine from a firefighter in the Pantego, Texas fire department. We had a great chat through the process.
    We are each different, with our own set of risk factors and concerns. I hope you will be proactive and get the vaccine as soon as possible.

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