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  • My Post-Vaccine Risk Assessment

    Posted by price-wooldridge on April 28, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Those of us with LEMS are “special” people, not in an elevated sense of self, but in our antibodies profile and how we alter it with immunosuppressants or immunoglobulin therapy. I sense this muddies the picture for us when I comes to getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Did it work? How much did it help? There seems to be no good, scientifically based answers to these questions yet. So what to do?
    Life’s activities are, in many ways, a risk assessment. I chose some years ago to not buy another motorcycle. I’ve had one before, know the risks, and decided the fun just wasn’t enough to offset them. I also know that every time I raise the garage door and back the car out, there’s risk. But I love to drive, have many errands that must be done, so off I go, risk or not, mask in tow.
    And then there’s the Covid risk. For over a year I’ve curtailed or chosen not to do certain activities due the my personal risk assessment as a LEMS patient, and someone with other conditions. It wasn’t a fun year+. I haven’t been successful getting an antibodies test for Covid antibodies, though I’d like to think I’m getting them in my monthly immunoglobulin, and I’m well past having both Moderna vaccine shots. For me, now, this is as good as it gets.
    I recently read that life is really just a series of “moments”. Good moments. Bad moments. In between moments. I’m tired of few moments. I’m out to make some great and meaningful moments this year! I’m going to travel, go to restaurants, and make some special moments ahead! We get a chance at life once. I lost a year. I’m getting it back now.

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