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  • National PA Week, October 6-12th. I’ve Got a Great One!

    Posted by Price Wooldridge on October 10, 2022 at 3:10 pm

    October 6th through 12th is National Physician Assistant Week. PAs (Physician Assistant) are found almost everywhere now in clinical practice. Do you see a PA on a regular basis?

    In the VA system where I am, it’s very common to be seen by a PA, especially after a clinic has established a practice with you and the doctors in the office know you well enough.

    I could mention several I see, but will make special note of my electrophysiologist (heart and pacemaker electrical specialist). I began seeing her about a year before my pacemaker was placed. She monitored me and analyzed my ECG’s in a period when I was having considerable difficulty with my heart rhythm. She ordered tests and put me in the hospital for 2 days to add an anti-arrhythmia medication to help control my heart block. Great call by her because it helped immediately. She also made the decision, when my heart rates were dropping, that the time was at hand to add a pacemaker. Once again, she made a great call at the right time to help out my heart and my health.

    I continue to see this PA every six months and happy to do it! I’m in good hands with this Physician Assistant.

    Do you have a special PA you can call out as a big help with your healthcare?

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