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      Price Wooldridge

      Thanks to the research and interest from co-moderator @ashleygregory757, I’m now managing the daily grind of pill taking better than ever. We’re using the app, Medisafe. And I do have lots of pills!!!
      Previously, I was setting daily alarms inconsistently on my Apple Watch. The VA doesn’t have auto refill so I would need to keep a sharp eye on the pills in bottles to decide when to reorder. Those issues are addressed with Medisafe! I’ve set up a daily schedule of meds now and get gentle reminders from the app to stay on schedule. You also set dosages and add pill stock so the app keeps count of what you have on hand. Fantastic! And the best part for me, I can set refill reminders at my selected pill count. This helps me tremendously with my inventory and assures me I won’t accidentally run out of a critical med.
      And there’s lots of other cool stuff too! You can invite “pill buddies” to make sure you stay on schedule and send you message reminders if you’re late. How cool is that!
      You can search on drug interactions, record measurements, keep a diary, manage appointments, and more. They even have videos on your medications!
      This is all really neat stuff. I’m loving it, and it’s improved my compliance. And did I mention, I have lots of pills?!!!
      You can check out the app here.

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