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  • X-Rays back for my LEMS Weakened Shoulder

    Posted by Price Wooldridge on July 19, 2021 at 7:00 am

    After some delay, and finding out X-Rays are a walk-in appointment at my VA clinic, the results are in. I can read the radiologist’s report in my records three days after they are submitted and see them online. Reading my shoulder X-Ray was a futile experience, filled with unknown words and indecipherable meaning. I’m an RRT, so understanding a chest CT result is reasonable. Not so a shoulder X-Ray with three views. I just received a letter from my Primary yesterday saying the shoulder result was Normal. That’s not what the radiologist said. There is arthritis, perhaps and old rotator cuff problem, and signs of an old injury. In fact I had a Grade 3 separation in my 40’s.
    Let’s bottom line this. I believe I have muscle wasting in my left shoulder from long-standing LEMS. The X-Ray seems to tell my doctors nothing of worth. I’m old. I’ve had previous injuries. I get it. My neurologist needs to evaluate and I need PT. My neurologist appointment is today. To be continued…

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