• Fear of starting IVIG

    Posted by Dawn DeBois on January 15, 2020 at 9:00 am

    In my opinion, it is common that people share the “side effects” online far more than the benefits of a treatment. I held my neurologist off for a year before I was willing to start IVIG treatment to get my LEMS under control. 3,4 DAP (at the time I was on the compassionate use program through Jacobus) and Mestinon treated the symptoms of weakness; but they did not (and do not) stop the disease from progressing. When I couldn’t swallow even my meds, and my voice no longer sounded like me because the weakness was affecting my esophagus and throat muscles. My neurologist feared my diaphragm would be next. I finally relented to starting IVIG. It has been a game changer!  What has been said about IVIG that you fear the most?

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