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  • LEMS as a “Managed” Disease?

    Posted by Dawn DeBois on January 20, 2020 at 9:15 am

    At the vet this morning with my 10 year old pug, I was asked (by my amazing vet) how I was doing, while we were waiting for his blood work to process. Not only was I thrilled that a vet will take the time to see how the owners are doing; but I was thrilled to be able to share how well I’m doing with my LEMS.  Transitioning from a rare disease patient that my neuro had no experience with, trying different treatment options until we found the right combo for me didn’t happen overnight. However, I’ve found myself in recent months saying “My LEMS is truly managed right now!”  My question to you is, do you feel that your LEMS is managed currently or that LEMS symptoms are dictating your life?

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