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    Posted by dawn-debois on January 22, 2020 at 9:00 am

    When my career came to a screeching halt due to all of my autoimmune diseases making it impossible for me to be relied upon in the workplace, I was devastated.  My entire identity was in question. I knew that I needed someone to process that devastation with who was a professional, so that I could use my devastation productively instead of going to a dark place.  I wrote about it in “My Mental Health Safety Net”

    Today I will visit Jon for the first time since before Thanksgiving. Between my IVIG schedule and the holidays, it’s just worked out that way. I feel like I’m going to update an old friend on all that’s transpired in the past couple of months. A “friend” that doesn’t judge and who, through our counseling relationship over the past few years, has learned more than any of my friends about managing my LEMS and 5 other autoimmune diseases.  What do you do to manage the mental load of living with an ongoing, life changing, chronic, ultra rare disease that nobody knows about let alone  understands, other than other LEMS patients?

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