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      Price Wooldridge

      Here in Texas this summer’s temperatures were extra brutal. We had multiple weeks of daily highs over 100 degrees. Often it was 103 to 105.

      Every day I got out early for errands in order to get back home in the air conditioning by noon to spend the remainder indoors.

      I have a rag-top roadster I dearly love to run around the Metroplex in with the top down. This summer, I started out with my top down, but mid-trip it was pulled back up and the air conditioning blasting!

      Even taking extra precautions, I had heat problems that affected my LEMS. In the extra hot, blazing heat, just getting out on the property to go get the mail created problems. Often my hips, even keeping my exposure short, became extremely weak. The heat at times felt crushing.

      The Monday before my end-of-week flight to Boston, I accidentally exposed myself to extreme heat, causing a LEMS flare with extreme exhaustion and weakness. That is not a good way to set up for a big trip.

      How were the temperatures for you? Did you experience heat-related LEMS symptoms?

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      Dorothy Dempsey

      So grateful for the cooler weather now!  Here in Oregon, we had the hottest summer ever recorded and that makes 3 summers of excessive heat.  I had many LEMS flares with extreme weakness and exhaustion.  I have flower beds and garden to keep watered and tended so it was a real trial for me to keep going.  Sleep at night didn’t refresh either.  Glad for some cooler weather now.





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        Price Wooldridge

        Dorothy, yes the heat and drought were extreme in many places. One thing I have done is take cold showers immediately after coming in, if I feel the heat exposure has been too much. I’ve found that not only do these feel good, but they help with recovery. But like you, I had any number of weakness episodes in over 100 degree heat.

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        Wanda Grischkowsky

        The heat was pretty bad this year. I tried to only go out early and made my appointments for as early as possible.

        I have a flower bed and two raised garden beds and could only work in them late evenings. Even then with the humidity I could not work in them very long due to weakness.

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          Price Wooldridge

          Wanda, it sounds like in Virginia you did pretty much as I did. Get out early and get it done. Also, here in Texas, the extreme heat doesn’t dissipate in the early evening hours, often continuing in the high 90’s even into the late evening. That makes late day activities not workable here either.

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